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Online Smart Training Plan

Structured Training Plan, Build for your Race Goal Distances by Professional Coaches.

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Train Smarter. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our training plans are crafted by experienced Coaches. Best for any runner seeking a scientific-based, proven plan using the Smart Coaching Training Principles Established since 2012.


Online training plan that can be viewed & accessed from desktop and smart phone anytime, anywhere via our SAC - Smart Coaching Online Training App.

Train smart, easily track your progress and achieve your running goals with Proven By Results Online Training Plan.


Online Tutorial Class with Head Coach.

Meet Head Coach every Sunday for Online Group Q & A Session. 

Gain your running knowledge from our experience coaches to help you train smarter week by week.

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Only for Smart Training Plan Users

1. Set Your Goal


After choosing your desired training plan based on your running goal, checkout and send your payment receipt to 019 3349 782 via WhatsApp only

2. Online Training Log

& Web Access

You will receive an email and a complimentary online training log. Online Training plan will be placed on your user account from start date leading up until race day.

3. Use GPS Watch &

Mobile App

You can sync your GPS watch to training log platform and track your progress. Download the free mobile app to view or log your training while on the go.

Step to sign-up?

Start training smart the right way.


Explore and choose training plans.

Each training plan designed to help you achieve your running goal smarter. Select the training plan based on your target distance, running goal and training commitment.


Online Smart Consultation.

Highly recommended for all who have completed their Smart Training Plan to have a One-on-One Online consultation with the Head Coach to analyse your data and to monitor your progress. This session is compulsory for all who wants to continue training with the next Smart Training Plan.

Proven By Results.

We are proud to help hundreds of runners explore their running potential and achieve their running dream at SAC - Smart Coaching since 2012.

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