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1. The Smart Training Plan, data collection and information collected through the services rendered to the client are properties of the Smart Performance Management company. The Management has the right to keep or dispose of the information at our discretion.

2. SACRUN.COACH uses a third party platform (TrainingPeaks) to send out any of our Smart Training Plan/Customised Training Plan/Personalised Training Plan, collect data and analyse clients progress via the platform linked to the Coaching account. SACRUN.COACH has the right to copy, modify, view, add and delete your Content and the third party Account that is used for the training purpose.  Please note that the TERMS AND CONDITIONS - SACRUN.COACH TRAINING PLANS AND SERVICES supersedes the Terms of Use of any third party platform. You are not allowed to convert the TrainingPeaks account created by SAC to Trainingpeaks PREMIUM Paid Account .

3. By purchasing the SAC Smart Training Plan, you are deemed to be NOT in these industries; Fitness/Health & Wellness Coaching, Running Event Organizers and related services. You have no intention to be a running coach and use our materials for coaching in the present time or in the future.You are also not allowed to have another Running Coach training/monitoring/correcting you while in training with SACRun.Coach. This may arise in conflict of training principles and ideology.The TrainingPeaks account created by SAC is not allowed to be shared with other coaches without permission from SPM management. If you do so, the SAC program will be terminated without further notice.

4. By purchasing and using our Smart Training Plan, you have limited rights to the publication of our coaching materials. The information contained in the plan can ONLY  be view within the TrainingPeaks software. Any re-write of the workouts to other public platforms such as your training app linked to your watch or phone, Facebook, Instagram, STRAVA, and others, is strictly prohibited.

5. Note that usage of our description of the specific workouts (with intervals and sets) and using our terms of P1 to P5 are infringements of our proprietary materials.

6. No video, photography and LIVE recording of the sessions are allowed by the participants. If you are found doing so, you will be asked to leave the session without any refunds. 

7. The materials shared during the sessions cannot be photographed, duplicated or re-used in any of your personal postings in the social media (FB, IG or others), blogs, WhatsApp groups, etc

8.You are NOT allowed to create any unofficial WhatsApp groups with other SAC clients while in-training with SAC, without permission from the SAC management. Only official WhatsApp groups (with the Manager and  Head Coach included) will be used to disseminate information and communication purposes. If any such groups are found, all the members will be expelled from the program and no fees will be refunded. 

9.Failure to comply to the above will have your plan terminated and no fees will be refunded. The Management has the prerogative to NOT coach/train any client that refuses to cooperate and communicate on issues related to the services rendered. If you need further clarification on the above matter, please send email to the Management at

10. INDEMNITY CLAUSE : By purchasing SACRUN.COACH TRAINING PLANS AND SERVICES  you will indemnify and hold harmless SACRUN.COACH and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents or other partners, users, Coaches, Sponsors and employees, from and against any claim, liability, loss, expense or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, relating to or arising out of your Content, your use of any other Content, your use of or connection to the Site and Services (including any information, materials, products or services available through the Site or Services), your violation of these terms of use, or your violation of any applicable laws or any rights of another user or third party.


*You are bound by these Terms and Conditions once you are training with SACRun.Coach and using the SAC training plan. Failure to comply to the above will have your plan terminated and no fees will be refunded* 

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