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STP Build Your Foundation | 5KM

Level 1 - BYF Smart Training Plan is to build a solid 5km run base and foundation of heart rate training. For new to SACRun.Coach program, laid-off and back-from-injury runner. Take your running knowledge to the next level & trust the Smart Runner process.

STP Build Your Foundation | 5KM

  • Hi, I'm Coach Edan Syah,

    We believe in consistency and continuous process in developing your endurance to help you achieve a holistic and sustainable running progress. Foundation or base training will get your body fit for your next race-specific training so you can crush it, instead of merely survive it! If you want to run a major race this year (or maybe next year), plan on building your base before you start your actual race training. Sign up for this Online Smart Training Plan now and get ready to build your foundation in running! 

    SAC Head Coach

    • Not sure how to choose best plan for you? Book for 1 hour Online Smart Consultation Session (SCS) with SAC Head Coach. (Click Here)
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