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The latest fitness device from NADI®, the Dual Heart Rate Monitor (PPG + ECG) provides accurate heart rate and calorie data to enhance your training.

According to the needs of sports, you can freely switch the heart rate monitoring mode of the armband using PPG sensors (placed on either the forearm or bicep, this optical sensor is supremely comfortable) and change to the chest strap to carry high-precision ECG sensors, and cooperates with the self-developed optimization algorithm to accurately monitor real-time heart rate during exercise.  

You can seamlessly pair the monitor with fitness apps, Smartphones, and GPS computers via Bluetooth and ANT+ technology. Freely switch the heart rate monitoring mode of the armband (PPG) and chest strap (ECG) anytime!


  • Photoplethysmography (PPG) is an optical measurement of arterial volume, just using a single photodiode. As your heart beats, the volume of blood changes within your cardiovascular system, including the small skin vessels such as your veins and arteries. It is this volume change that is recorded by the PPG sensor, via a small LED light.

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