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Smart Runner Series (SRS) Package

SRS PACKAGE is open to anyone that have not joined any of SACRun.Coach SRS before (First Timer). This Proven by results SAC Smart Coaching Module (established since 2012), will help you get back on track towards your running goal and crushing your 10km Run training Smarter in 6 Weeks holistic running package for all level of runners.

Smart Runner Series (SRS) Package

  • Hi, I'm Coach Edan Syah,

    Runners are creatures of habit. We love doing the same things because we know we’re good at them. The same workouts, running routes, and routines provide comfort. But if we always do what we’re already good at, how do we get better? Sometimes the biggest improvements come when we go beyond our comfort zones and mix things up. Take a new challenge in your training to be a good runner with Smart Runner Series (SRS) Package!

    SAC Head Coach

    • Not sure how to choose best package for you? Book for 1 hour Online Smart Consultation with SAC Head Coach. (Click Here)
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