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Phase 3 : Road to SCORE (Peak Training)

Start Date: 24.06.2024  |   End Date: 21.07.2024  |  4 Weeks


"Personalised Training Plan with Expert Coach Support"

Embark on an exhilarating journey with our 'Road to Score: 4 Weeks Program' tailored for runners aiming to conquer the 5km - 10km - Half Marathon or Full Marathon distance at SCORE Marathon 2024. This intensive 4 weeks online personalised training plan is designed to push your limits, enhance your speed, and boost your endurance. Your workouts sync to your watch and back to your training calendar with selected gps/smart watch brands.


Whether you're a season runner or a beginner looking to improve, this program offers a structured weekly training plan with personalised pace for easy, speed and long run, expert guidance, and personalised support from Coach Edan Syah to help you achieve your goal. 


Join a Smart Runner community of like-minded individuals, track your progress, and celebrate milestones together. Get ready to elevate your running performance before you progress further in Phase 2 & 3 and cross the finish line with confidence at SCORE Marathon in July 2024.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Phase 3 : Road to SCORE (Peak Training)

  • Compatible GPS Watch

    • Garmin
    • Coros
    • Suunto
    • Apple Watch

      For those without selected brand above, you can train with phone app below and transfer training data to our coaching system app automatically.
    • Polar Flow App
    • Wahoo App


    COMPULSORY to have Chest Strap or Armband Heart Rate Monitor for our coaching team to monitor your weekly training data and metrics. If you don't have one and still interested to join the program, BUY HERE

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