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SAC Customised Training Plan | 10KM (6 Weeks Plan)

Specifically designed plan customised according to your needs with Online Smart Consultation at Special Rate. Suitable for working adults with varied working schedules, family commitments and special running goal preparation or multisports event. Personalised training plan based on your current fitness level and have the privilege to discuss your training progress weekly with SAC Head Coach. Holistic online training package for runners with short and long-term running goals.

SAC Customised Training Plan | 10KM (6 Weeks Plan)

  • Hi, I'm Coach Edan Syah,

    This training plan is customised based on your individual ability and will help you peak at your planned main event while considering your current lifestyle. Your running experience and current goal are considered when we create a personalised training schedule weekly. Everyone can train smarter and achieve their running goals with SACRun.Coach Customised Training Plan. Proven by results and holistic online training package for your short and long terms running goal.

    SAC Head Coach

    • Not sure how to choose the best plan for you? Book 1 hour of Online Smart Consultation. (Click Here)
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